Art Lessons Private Instruction 

One hour private lessons are available at various times throughout the week Mon.-Friday. It is a similar set up as the directed study above but this is for students of all ages, one on one instruction is given. Projects may include painting, drawing, clay, pottery wheel etc. The cost is $55 per hour and includes all supplies.

Directed study one/one classes are available for students 7-12 grades, on Monday afternoons from 4 p.m.-5:30. This is geared for students who want to build a portfolio for college applications, the cost is $40 per class and includes all art supplies needed.

Sheila also offers Pottery Classes. Click HERE for more info.

Only premium materials are used, all supplies provided. Art classes take place at our studio in Andover, Massachusetts. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch through the form on the contact page.

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