Pottery Classes

Beginner's Wheel Throwing Class

Offered on Mondays, from 6-8 p.m., for 5 weeks. This class is available year round at our Andover, MA pottery studio. It is an introduction to wheel throwing, for ages 10 and up and is limited to a 4 student maximum. This class will focus on learning the basics of wheel throwing, trimming and glazing pots. The atmosphere is fun and relaxing while we work together through all the challenges of making pots on the wheel. No prior clay experience is required. Demonstrations, group discussions. One-to-one attention is given to each student. Each student will have their own pottery wheel to use and will be responsible for the clean up their station before the end of class.

Things that will be covered are:
  • Preparing clay, wedging.
  • Wheel throwing, centering clay on wheel head. The basics of creating a cylinder.
  • Trimming and finishing off pieces.
  • Glazing, the final step.
Materials provided for each student will include:
  • Unlimited amounts of white stoneware clay
  • Huge selection of Cone 6 Glazes
  • Bisque and glaze firing

The first 3 classes, students will work on centering the clay, this is the most important and challenging skill for beginning potters. The 4th class will focus on trimming and finishing off pieces to be bisque fired. All work to be fired must be completed by the end of this class. The last class will be for glazing only and wheel throwing practice. Finished pieces will be available for pick up the following week after the final firing. The cost for this session is $250 for the class plus $50 materials fee. Pottery classes take place at our studio in Andover, Massachusetts. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch through the form on the contact page.

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*After students complete the 5 week introductory class, they may continue working independently on the wheel for $40 for the Monday two hour class. Additional clay may be purchased when needed at $20 per 25 pounds. Firing fee's apply per piece.

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